About Our Designs

We're currently living in a chapter of American history when more constitutional rights are being dissolved than created and lives are left shattered in the wake. As artists and creators we've decided to stand up and fight.

We’ve teamed up with the ACLU and we’re working hard to gain strength in our firm stance against predatory law making and social intolerance. Through fundraising, donations, and inspiring new members to join us, we’re willing to do our part to empower social justice during these challenging times.

Eco-friendly & Sustainble Stance

To further parallel our position on social justice, we're practicing Earth justice and sustainability.

We start by hand drawing our designs in our studio in Escondido, CA and have them hand built by our friends at Eco Bamabas, in a sustainable manufacturing facility using eco and up-cycled fabrics. We have a calling in this world and we're answering it.

Affliations & Festivals

We are an affiliate distributor of Larva Clothing & Kritter Klips.

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Oh and don't forget to stop by our booth and say hi at the festival

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